About us

GF - the mark made in stomatologic laboratory of Milan.


Company GF Dental is engaged in creation and realisation of didactic and practical stomatologic models of the highest quality. The line has appeared with desire to combine a wide experience and knowledge with more aggressive parity of the price and quality, being, currently, original modern Italian art in the field of stomatologic models, and offering the broadest spectrum of products, GF Dental, on demand, can design and realise any model.


It wasn’t easy finding a name. It’s never easy, a bit like when a baby is born. You think a lot. You wonder, experiment, ask, and read: should you choose the most beautiful or the most evocative name? The one that belongs to someone you love, or one that’s most likable?


Nomen-omen: A name-destiny. We in it trust!


Having named the company – the first letters of our names, we have included al l project, applying a maximum creativity and reliability. Professionalism, quality and experience do for today GF Dental by one of leaders in the area.

  • Antonino Ficuciello
    General Director
  • Irina Bouzilova
    Commercial Director